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Mighty Saguaro in Talos, at the Mighty Mart sign. 

As you know, we ran a collection in memory of Owen "Mighty Saguaro" some ten months ago. The plan was to collect €200/£160 to send a wreath to his funeral. Should anything be left, we would get a mighty drawing of Mighty's favourite toons in the "Draw The World Together" program, a program where professional artists draw characters and where all the raised funds goes to charity.

Sadly, this didn't go according to plan. The collection was set up with too little time to spare to get a wreath to his funeral and the artists were too busy at Memorabilia with a gazillion other commissions that came before us.

So we decided for the backup plan: the funds, £160, was donated to Lifeblood - the thrombosis charity for research.

I would like to thank all the contributors for your generosity. It's sad that we didn't get the drawings, but I feel that this charity will honour his memory by helping others suffering from similar conditions, and maybe even save lives.

And that's the important thing, isn't it?

Kitty's Christmas Chronicle PDF Print E-mail
Written by Shadow Kitty   
Tuesday, 23 December 2008

It's the day before Christmas here. In Sweden, we celebrate Christmas on the Eve, not they Day. That goes for just about any church holiday. I guess it's because that in the Swedish Lutheran church, the day was designated for contemplation, church service and prayer, so the celebration was held the night before.

I thought it was a good time to look back on the past year, and thus I'm sitting here thinking back.


We've seen two issues coming and a new storyline evolving. There were not many clues about Cimerora before that zone was launched, but the last two issues have been dedicated to that zone (storywise, I mean), with a great task force, some interesting missions, and one of the most well-designed zones of the game. I have big hopes for that zone.

We've seen a lot of new people in the supergroup, and old friends leaving. The supergroups are often full as they often were in the old days when the cap was just 75.

We've seen Megalomania close, and an Revolution start, with great participation. We will soon close Kinders: The Next Generation, and at the start of the next year, I look forward to Third Generation (3G).

We've seen an issue split into two, so instead of getting a belated Issue 13: Architect, we have a great Issue 13: Power and Responsibility, and a late Issue 14: Architect. I'm sure just about anyone have plans for Architect.

On a personal level, I've left one job for another, and left that one for the job of my dreams! I have a great new home (which you are all very welcome to if you happen to pass by Sweden and Gothenburg someday).

And of course, there's the death of one of our founders and friends, Owen, aka Mighty Saguaro. His passing affected a lot of us older members and left a cactus-shaped hole in our hearts. I will think of him on Christmas Day, as is the tradition here, and say a prayer for his soul and think of his family and friends. Not meeting him in real life is the one regret I have.

Over all, this has been the best of times and the worst of time. This supergroup is one of the finest group of people that I've ever met, real life or not, and I'm proud of playing with you. I hope that we will continue in the same spirit in 2009, always remembering the rules that Mighty laid down for the supergroup: have fun and be nice.

Merry christmas and a happy new year everyone!

- Kits

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