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Written by Phobos   
Tuesday, 14 October 2008

With i13 now in closed beta it won't be long now before we can all experience i13 in all it's splendor so until then i have compiled the majority of i13 features into this news post rather than sift through multiple posts will try and keep it updates as much as possible.


Day Jobs (Offline Character Progression)

Scholar? Caregiver? City Official? Now when players log out of City of Heroes / Villains they’re just getting started! A character’s day job is determined by the actual in-game location from which he or she logs out. If players log out from a University their day job is considered to be a Scholar. If they log out from City Hall they’re a City Official. The benefits are thematically appropriate to the location. For example, a City Official earns extra Influence, a Scholar is granted Salvage, a Caregiver is granted Health Regeneration Buffs, etc. Once characters have accumulated the required amount of time for each Day Job, they are rewarded with the appropriate Day Job Badge and Title, increasing their “earnings” for that job. Multiple Badges can be combined to unlock Accolades and the ability to accumulate additional new rewards. Almost every location within Paragon City™ and the Rogue Isles™ has an associated Day Job, resulting in a wide selection of jobs and rewards! 

Multiple Builds 

Another character customisation option and City of Heroes innovation, Issue 13 delivers the ability to have two different build-outs for each character, including which powers are selected and which Enhancements are slotted. With this feature it will now be possible for all characters to diversify their game experience by visiting any Trainer and switching the entire build of their character to an alternate one. You can use this separate build for whatever you like: if you wish to use different power selections for soloing and groups, you can do that. This even makes it possible to have different sets slotted for PVP and PVE. This new system gives characters the added depth and flexibility to tackle any challenge!

New Powersets

Shields – Heft a Shield for Heroic or Villainous Ends! This new powerset brings a classic power to City of Heroes: Shields! Now, you can arm Tankers, Scrappers, and Brutes with a powerful shield to protect both themselves and their allies. 

Deflection: Your mastery of the shield allows you to easily deflect melee attacks, and attacks that do get through your iron clad defenses tend to do less damage. While Active Defense is active the user will gain defense to Melee attacks and some minor resistance to lethal and smashing damage. Recharge: Fast 

Battle Agility: Your incredible reflexes allows you to position your shield to deflect incoming ranged damage. While deflection is active you will benefit from increased ranged and aoe defense as well as some moderate protection from Defense debuffs. Recharge: Fast. 

Phalanx Fighting (Woo!) Fighting near your allies allows you to deflect attacks much easier. You will gain a small bonus to your melee, ranged and area of effect defense this bonus grows for each ally near you. This power is always on and costs no endurance. 

Active Defense: When you activate this power it grants you protection from Sleep, Disorient, Fear, Immobilize, Confusion, Repel, Knockback, Hold and Defense Debuff effects for a short duration. Recharge: Very long 

Against All Odds: The harder pressed you are in combat the greater your offensive abilities become. Each enemy that stands toe to toe with you in combat will grant you a damage bonus. THe first foe you engage in melee grants the highest damage bonus, and up to 10 foes can contribute to this effect. Each foe in melee also suffer from reduced damage as your sheild deflects a portion of their damage. Recharge: Slow 

Grant Cover: You are able to use your sheild to defend nearby allies. Any teammates who remain nearby gain a bonus to their defense. (NOTE: The defense bonus from this power is only applied to nearby team mates, but not yourself.) Recharge slow 

Sheild Charge: You can throw all of your might behind your sheild and charge through ranks of foes in the blink of an eye. Using this power allows you to teleport to a selected area to deal significant smashing damage to all foes in a long cone in front of you, most foes that are struck by your sheild charge will be knocked down. Damage: Superior Recharge: Very Long 

True Grit: Your intense training has left you tougher than even the hardiest of heroes. You gain additional hit points and resistance to fire, cold, energy, negative energy, and toxic damage sources. THis power is always on and costs no endurance. 

One with he shield: When you activate this power, you gain strong resistance against most types of damage and also to Disorient, Immobilization, Hold, Knockback, Repel and Sleep effects. One with the Sheild costs little endurance to activate and increases your recovery and maximum hit points for its duration, but when it wears off you are left exhausted, and substantially drained of endurance. Note:That One with the Shield is unaffected by Attack Rate changes. Recharge:Very long 

Pain Domination – Villains can now bend the power of pain to serve their own ends! Those playing a Corruptor or Mastermind have access to this new powerset. The antithesis of the Hero healing powerset “Empathy,” Pain Domination brings parity between Heroes and Villains with a distinctively evil flair. 

Nullify Pain - Nullify Pain will heal nearby Allies for some hit points by numbing the pain caused by their wounds. Nullify pain is not as potent as Sooth, but can heal multiple targets at once. Recharge Moderate 

Soothe: You heal an ally by numbing their pain and calming their mind. You cannot use this power on your self. 

Share Pain: Share pain draws away some of an allys anguish caused by their wounds, but damages the user. The pain caused by this power causes the user to go into a frenzy, briefly increasnig their damage output. 

Conduit of Pain: You revive a fallen ally by becoming a conduit of pain and transferring the pain that was inflicted upon them back upon your enemies. THis will briefly empower you increasing your damage output, recovery rate, attack rate and chance to hit. After a minute the effect will wear off leaving you weakened for 30 seconds. Your damage, attack rate and chance to hit will all be reduced during this period. Recharge Very long 

Enforced Morale: Frees and ally from any disorient hold, sleep, fear, confuse and immobilize effects and leaves them resistant to such effects for a good while. Also, grants the target clearer perception to see hidden foes and minor recharge and movement speed boost. Protection and Movement boost will improve with multiple applications and as you advance in level, although the recharge and movement boost will only apply for the first few applications. If the ally is not damaged, Enforce moral will cause them some...... 

Soothing Aura: While this power is active all nearby allies will be healed by Soothing Aura every couple of seconds for a small portion of their health. World of Pain: When this power is activated the user and all nearby team members will gain a moderate damage, resistance and to hit bonus. Additionally those affected by this power will have their resistance to placate effects improved. Anguishing Cry: You let out an Anguishing Cry causing a great deal of pain in your foes reducing their resistance and defense to damage for a short time. 

Painbringer: You transform an ally to pain incarnate turning them into an inexhaustible killing machien. While the character is imbued with this power they will benefit from incredible health regeneration, endurance recovery and improved damage potential for a short time.

Levelling Pact

A new innovation to MMOs, this system allows you and a friend to create new characters and have your XP permanently in sync, whether both characters are online or not. You will always be the same level, even if your friend plays ten times more often than you do! It’s sort of like “Extreme Sidekicking.”

The Merit Rewards System

A new game system that allows players to earn tokens by completing Trials, Task Forces, Strike Forces, Raids, etc. The most challenging and time consuming tasks grant the most reward tokens, which can be redeemed throughout Hero and Villain zones for recipes, enhancements, salvage, costume pieces, badges, inspirations and other game items.

Villain Patron Power Respec

Villains level 40 and above can respec (re-select) their Patron Powers, offering the same flexibility that heroes are afforded with Ancillary Powers. Supergroup Base Repricing Base Salvage is being replaced with Invention Salvage and all Base room and item prices are being adjusted to more accessible levels. Remaining base salvage can be traded in for invention salvage, or can continue to be stored in base and personal storage.

New Cimerora Missions

New Hero and Villain story arcs expand upon the history and lore, and delve into the players and politics of Cimerora. Other features include new Invention Origin Sets, new Costume Sets, Zone Refinements, and more!

Energy Aura

Let’s start with Energy Aura for Brutes and Stalkers. Energy Aura has had a poor reputation from the start. While it is “balanced” with the other protective powersets using the original metrics, it has been shown that those metrics did not take certain key factors into consideration - namely Regeneration and Healing effects. Energy Aura lacked any sort of mechanic which could increase the Health or Regeneration Rate of the character and did not have any active method of restoring Health to the character using these powers. Additionally, the set had more protection holes than others. To address these issues, the following changes are being made: Energy Protection: This power gained a 1.25 scale Toxic damage resist attribute for Brutes and a 1.00 scale Toxic damage resist attribute for Stalkers. Energy Aura, being a typed defence set, had no protection against these types of attacks unless they were ‘packaged’ with a lethal attack of some sort. Energy Drain: Added a 2 scale self heal to each target affected by this power. Un-slotted, the player will recover 2% of their maximum HP per target affected. This can be enhanced to up to about 4% per target. This change was made to offer the power set some minor healing abilities to increase their survivability but not offer an overwhelming heal.


Invulnerability has a few issues, mainly stemming from lack of special resistances and “weak” power choices. Here are the changes that are being made: 

Unyielding: We removed the Defence Debuff from this power. While we still believe it fits thematically, the impact on low level characters was more severe than desired. 
Invincibility: Reduce per target Defence Buff to from scale 0.15 to scale 0.1. The overall result of this and the Unyielding change is, if you have the maximum number of targets in this power’s radius, you have the same protection as from Issue 12. However, if you have fewer targets, your net defence is higher. 
Resist Physical Damage: Added 25% Defence Debuff Resistance. Increased damage resistance scale from 0.75 to 1.00. 
Tough Hide: Added 25% Defence Debuff Resistance. 
Resist Energies: Added 25% Endurance Debuff Resistance. Increased damage resistance scale from 0.75 to 1.00. 
Resist Elements: Added 20% Movement Slow Resistance. Increased damage resistance scale from 0.75 to 1.00.


Peacebringers and Warshades, as Archetypes, have an interesting history and reputation among players. It seems as if no one is neutral about them—they are either loved or hated. This isn’t much of a surprise; they were always meant to require more player decision making and compromise than the base Archetypes. However, certain technological restrictions combined with the “facts” of high level play ultimately proved that the Kheldians were even harder than originally expected. With Issue 12’s introduction of the Villain Epic Archetypes, we took some time to re-evaluate where the Kheldians were and what we wanted to do with them. Here is what we are planning: 

Cosmic Balance: This power now functions while shapeshifted—Dwarf and Nova forms gain the same benefits as human form. 
Dark Sustenance: This power now functions while shapeshifted—Dwarf and Nova forms gain the same benefits as human form. Gleaming Bolt, Glinting Eye, Gleaming Blast, Luminous Detonation, Shadow Bolt, Ebon Eye, Gravimetric Snare, Shadow Blast and 
Dark Matter Detonation: Increased base Range to 80’. This makes Human form Kheldians ranged capabilities more useful overall. The 80’ range meshes more evenly with other Ranged AT’s capabilities. 
Peacebringer AT Multipliers: increased Human form Melee Damage multiple to 0.85, increased Human form Range Damage multiple to 0.8 and increased Dwarf Form Melee Damage multiple to 1.0. 
Warshade AT Multipliers: increased Human form Melee Damage multiple to 0.85, increased Human form Range Damage multiple to 0.8 and increased Dwarf Form Melee Damage multiple to 1.0. 
Dwarf Form: You may now shift into Dwarf Form even while Held, Slept or Stunned.

Toggle Powers

One important additional piece of development to mention that is especially relevant to Kheldians and their toggle powers is: in Issue 13, toggles are no longer shut off due to Hold, Sleep or Disorient effects. This is a major gameplay change, and it is not restricted to Kheldians, but instead applies to all non-offensive player toggles. As part of changes in Issue 13, when a player is affected by a hold, sleep or stun, any toggle power they are running will continue and will still draw endurance from the character. However, some or all of its effects may be suppressed until such time as the hold, sleep or stun is removed. For example, if you are held while in Black Dwarf form, all of your Damage Resistance values, your recovery bonus and knockback protection are suppressed, while your hold, stun, sleep, immobilise and confuse protections remain in effect. Monitoring your stats with the “Real Numbers” tool is a good way to check which aspects of a toggle are suppressed and which are not. War Mace An ongoing project over the last several issues has been bringing War Mace up to performance par with other powersets. The last set of changes got us close, but still not to where we want to be. Here are the new changes: Clobber: Reduced Recharge Time to 16 seconds and altered damage scale and endurance costs to match using the standard formula. This now means it is a pretty hard hitting attack, with a damage scale of 2.29 and a base endurance cost of 15.18. Since this is now classified as a Damage power rather than a control power, the base duration of the Stun effect was reduced from scale 10 to scale 5. Shatter: Reduced Max Targets Hit from 10 to 5. Crowd Control: Increased Max Targets Hit from 5 to 10. Misc There are numerous smaller changes going into Issue 13. While you will all get to see the final details in the patch notes, there are a few other changes I want to let you know about now. Fiery Aura Temperature Protection: Now provides 20% movement reduction protection. Dark Melee Midnight Grasp: This power has been rebalanced to provide the majority of its damage as a front loaded sum (scale 2.21), followed by a shorter, small damage DOT. Overall damage has increased, as has the amount of damage done on a ‘Critical.’ Energy Melee Barrage: We have increased the effectiveness of this power by increasing Damage per Activation. We increased Recharge time from 2 seconds to 6 seconds and changed the damage and endurance costs accordingly. The smashing component of the damage is now 2 hits of scale 0.5 damage, and the energy portion is now 2 hits of scale 0.16 damage for a combined scale 1.32 damage. These are the highlights, and there are several other changes which are still in a state of flux (stalkers Claws, for instance).

I hope you all like the changes. We are really looking forward for this all to hit the Training Room so you folks can bang on them and tell us how the changes feel! Your feedback is, as ever, critical for these and other changes that we make to the game. 

Floyd ‘Castle’ Grubb

Designing Day Jobs, by Game Designer Phil Zeleski

Day Jobs, a new feature for City of Heroes, rewards players even when they aren't playing the game. It's called offline character progression and while other games have done this before, City of Heroes takes it to a whole new level. Simply put, Day Jobs reward players with additional powers and benefits when they log back in. This also gives characters greater depth by allowing them to flesh out their identities and back-stories. Our goal was to create a robust system that benefits players now as much as possible while also allowing the system to grow with future content updates. Day Jobs and Badges The Day Job system allows players to log out from a specific location (like a hospital or vault) and when they return to play, after an extended log out period, they will gain a temporary power or some other benefit. All of the benefits granted from Day Jobs, other than badges and accolades (see below) are temporary or have a certain number of uses before they expire. However, each time a character logs out from the same area, the corresponding benefits are replenished. Most rewards take 10 days of logged out time to reach the maximum benefit. When characters are logged out from a designated location (consecutively or non-consecutively) for a total of 30 days they will earn a badge associated with the corresponding Day Job. This will result in additional benefits. Once a badge is earned, the rate at which characters accumulate benefits, and even the potency of them, increase! Below is a list of most, but not all, of the Day Jobs available in Issue 13: Power and Responsibility: 

Hero Day Jobs 

  • City Official 
  • Law Enforcer 
  • Commuter 
  • Shop Keeper
  • Intern
  • Caregiver 
  • Professor
  • Midnighter 
  • Banker 
  • Clubber 
  • Fashion Designer 
  • Mortician 

Villain Day Jobs 

  • Demagogue 
  • Arachnos 
  • Agent 
  • Pilot 
  • Smuggler
  • Crey Employee 
  • Pain Specialist 
  • Professor
  • Midnighter 
  • Thief 
  • Clubber 
  • Fashion Designer 
  • Mortician 

On Patrol

In addition to all of the Day Jobs, every character is "On Patrol" after they log out of the game. When players log back into Paragon City or the Rogue Isles they will gain 1 bar of double experience (when defeating enemies) for every 24 hours they are logged out. A player can earn up to 10 bars of double experience this way. Double experience is shown as a blue portion of your experience bar. One thing to note is that if a player has any experience debt, the debt will be removed first before any double experience is applied. If your character has a number of bars of double experience that exceeds the number of experience bars you need to level up, then this double experience will carry over to the next security/threat level. Getting Started When exploring both Paragon City and the Rogue Isles you will encounter several Day Job locations. You'll know you're in one when you see a power icon under your health bar that explains what Day Job you will work towards by logging off in that location. Try visiting a hospital, where you will earn the Caregiver (Pain Specialist if you're a villain) Day Job. You'll notice a power icon that when moused over will state "Day Job: Caregiver." Logging out from this location will earn you credit toward the Caregiver Day Job badge. When you log back in you'll gain an out of combat regeneration bonus. Once you've logged out in the Hospital for a total of 30 days (consecutively or non-consecutively) or more you'll earn the Caregiver badge and will receive an even more powerful regeneration bonus when you log out at this location from here on out. Once you have earned the Caregiver badge you will find a hint for how to earn the Physician accolade by first earning the Professor badge. To earn the Professor Day Job badge, you will need to log out from the University for 30 (consecutive or non-consecutive) days. After an extended log out period, the Professor Day Job will grant you a random piece of tech salvage upon mission completion. This bonus will take 10 days of log out time to earn 2 hours worth of this bonus. However, once you earn the Professor badge you only need to be logged out 8 days to earn the 2 hour benefit instead of 10. Once you own both the Professor and Caregiver badges you will unlock the Physician Accolade. With this Accolade you will be able to earn ‘charges’ for a power that revives defeated allies by logging out from (and back in to) either a University or a Hospital. You will gain the Day Job benefits for both this Accolade and the Day Job benefit associated with the area. Nice benefits!

Parting Words

All in all, we're really excited about this new feature for our game. By balancing your time in and out of the game, you’ll get unique rewards that you wouldn’t otherwise attain. When you are ready to log back in and kick some villain or hero butt… we’ll be there waiting for you, and you’ll still be powerful enough to do just that. And with the addition of our Day Job themed costume pieces you can even dress appropriately!

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