"I used to think it was awful that life was so unfair. Then I thought, wouldn't it be much worse if life were fair, and all the terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them?"

Marcus Cole, ranger, Babylon 5


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Mighty Saguaro in Talos, at the Mighty Mart sign. 

As you know, we ran a collection in memory of Owen "Mighty Saguaro" some ten months ago. The plan was to collect €200/£160 to send a wreath to his funeral. Should anything be left, we would get a mighty drawing of Mighty's favourite toons in the "Draw The World Together" program, a program where professional artists draw characters and where all the raised funds goes to charity.

Sadly, this didn't go according to plan. The collection was set up with too little time to spare to get a wreath to his funeral and the artists were too busy at Memorabilia with a gazillion other commissions that came before us.

So we decided for the backup plan: the funds, £160, was donated to Lifeblood - the thrombosis charity for research.

I would like to thank all the contributors for your generosity. It's sad that we didn't get the drawings, but I feel that this charity will honour his memory by helping others suffering from similar conditions, and maybe even save lives.

And that's the important thing, isn't it?

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Written by Shadow Kitty   
Friday, 14 December 2007

Paragon City, December 6th

Dear Mother,

Two weeks in America now, and life is still good. The only thing I really lack is proper food. Mostly, I can only find pre-packaged or pre-processed stuff. For instance, I invited my new friends for some cake and coffee. The coffee here is bland and boring and has more resemblance with brown dishwater than coffee, and when I tried to get ingredients for baking the cake, I could only find some pre-processed canned dough! I spent almost half-an-hour of my precious jetpack lease just to find a shop where I could get some ordinary baking powder and flour!


I met up with some of the heroes I met last week again. I worked with Cinereal Kingdom, Twisted Temptress, Worldgate and Alyse last week, and in addition to that, we met up with Entropic Chaos, Tommy Thunder, Red Hot Spike and Frat Dude. Then we were off to an area called Hollows. It's a hazard zone formed from a giant cave-in, formed from some weird volcanic activity. There are trolls there, not our kind, but short-tempered, impolite, big, dumb, tusked green types whose entire vocabulary seems to consist of the words "me", "you", "hurt", "big" and "time", often in that order. They aren't rich either, and doesn't have any tails, and are not nearly as cute as Mr Halvorsens boy! If I understand it correctly, these trolls were once people, but became like this from some drug abuse.

There are the other guys here too, Outcasts. They are a bit more verbose, and not green and tusked, but otherwise, they're very similar.

Anyway, in order to bring some law and order to the Hollows, I met up with Lt Wincott of the PCPD. He wanted us to make our precense felt by the Outcasts, and things calmed down a bit after doing this. Then we had go to King's Row, do strike down at Clockwork and Skulls. Skulls are just street thugs, but the Clockwork are rather interesting. They're... like clockwork, rather crude machines but nonetheless autonomous.

Then we had to go back to the Hollows. Bringing in the Outcasts created kind of a vacuum that the Trolls used, so we had to create a vacuum of those too. It was a it more serious than we first thought - they had a list of Outcasts hideouts that they were going to raid. So we decided to raid those bases first. It was at this time that Tommy Thunder and Red Hot Spike joined. It didn't go to well at first and we had to reform and try again, but eventually, we were done.

Lt Wincott was very pleased, and sent us to one of his informer, a guy called Flux. He told us that smashing the Trolls created even more vacuum on the streets, so now we had to hurt the Outcasts again to keep them off the streets. And in order to uphold the balance, we also had to hit the trolls' base too. The trolls had some prisoners from the police task force, and one of them, an officer Jaffney told us about slaves that the trolls held in their caves.

That pissed me off big time (sorry, Mama, for using such rude words), so we ventured deep into Troll Country, where we linked up with Frat Dude. With the reinforcements, we hit the base and freed the slaves.

We worked well together, I think; so well in fact, that rumours apparently spread to a big supergroup called The Echelon, and we were all invited to it, and I became the leader of this team in the group. Can you believe that the Echelon's leader is a talking cactus?

Well, as you can see, life here is pretty fun, even if it is not ordinary. There are still things that I miss - people here simply cannot do Japanese or Swedish cooking, the pre-processed stuff is so brimmed with additives and chemicals that you look like King Tut just by looking at it, and it's hard and expensive to get the ingredients if you want to cook yourself.

Which reminds me, I'm kinda short on cash. I have enough for the rent and I can always scrounge some food, but I'd really appreciate if I could borrow some money.

Thanks in advance. As always, my love to Grandma and Dad.

- Kits


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