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Mighty Saguaro in Talos, at the Mighty Mart sign. 

As you know, we ran a collection in memory of Owen "Mighty Saguaro" some ten months ago. The plan was to collect €200/£160 to send a wreath to his funeral. Should anything be left, we would get a mighty drawing of Mighty's favourite toons in the "Draw The World Together" program, a program where professional artists draw characters and where all the raised funds goes to charity.

Sadly, this didn't go according to plan. The collection was set up with too little time to spare to get a wreath to his funeral and the artists were too busy at Memorabilia with a gazillion other commissions that came before us.

So we decided for the backup plan: the funds, £160, was donated to Lifeblood - the thrombosis charity for research.

I would like to thank all the contributors for your generosity. It's sad that we didn't get the drawings, but I feel that this charity will honour his memory by helping others suffering from similar conditions, and maybe even save lives.

And that's the important thing, isn't it?

Next Gen Report #1 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Shadow Kitty   
Friday, 07 December 2007

I decided to write these reports as letters home, instead of the regular just what happened combat reports from the Kindergarten. I'll take some liberties with the story in the narration so that it fits the style.

Nov 29th

Dear Mother,

It's been a busy week since I arrived, and I think Paragon City is a nice place. I've found myself a nice appartment to live in. The landlady is a bit senile but nice, and she didn't mind me freshing up the appartment. To tell the truth, it was more like Total Condo Makeover, but she didn't mind and even lowered the rent, as she didn't have to pay for the makeover.

Anyway, I've registered as a superhero. It was so much simpler than in Sweden or Japan. Of course, in Japan you would have the advantage of sendai fandom, but the bureacracy is murder! Here, I only had to present my passport, visa, green card, and the application form of course. Then that was it. Four stamps, a sign and wham! Paragon City had one more superhero.


I did the first real hero stuff today. I teamed up with seven other heroes, so our team consisted of these:


  • Kamen Kitsune
  • Ol Glory
  • Transcience
  • Cinereal Kingdom
  • Twisted Temptress
  • zBs
  • Celestial Shock
  • Alyse

They were pretty nice. The first thing we did was not so nice though. You see, there were lot of nasty types hiding in the sewers below Paragon City, and we took it on ourselves to clean up the mess. It was icky! ALso, they knew the sewers and used that against us and pushed us out of the sewers. We blocked that entrance instead.

We had just cleaned ourselves a bit ("sanitized" is a better word), when the police called for us on the radio. There were some nasty Outcast - one of the gangs here - that were harassing people. One of their bosses, Tempest, had escaped and we had to catch him again. So we did.

We hadn't delivered him to justice when we got another call. This time, a group called Circle of Thorns were robbing a bank. They were nasty evil wizards, and all of us rushed there and stopped them. We found clues that the Circle gang in the bank was under the command of an arch-mage called Arista, who hid in a cave beneath the city, so we tracked him down as well and arrested him too.

At this time, we were almost on our way to the pub to celebrate, when we had another emergency. It was another bank robbery, and this time, it was more serious. There were Outcasts and Hellions all over the place as diversion and several city blocks were blocked off by the police. So we were briefed by the police and sent in. We cleared a path through the vandals on the street, thus relieving the beleagered police outside the bank. Then we entered the bank itself. It was really exciting, capturing a real villain red-handed in the bank!

As I said, there were diversions, and just because we've foiled the robbery didn't mean the diversions would stop. First we found some guys that were to set fire to an entire building, just to stop us from messing with the guys in the bank. And then, some had burrowed from the sewers (ick!) into a building to place bombs inside. We arrested the bombers and found the bombs. But according to our notes, there should be five bombs, and we only had found four - and the bombs' timers were already set and ticking.

As I found the last bomb, it was just seconds to go! I didn't have any pliers, and I didn't know what cable to cut. Then I remembered Dad's talk from his military service, when they were trained in explosives use. I could hear his voice in my head, just like one of those movie voiceovers: "Without the detonator, the plastic explosive is about as dangerous as a log. It burns as nicely as a piece of wood, and you kan hit it and stomp it, and all you will get is some PT. It's only when you put in the detonator cap that bad stuff can happen."

So I pulled the cap out.

I had just pulled it out when it said pop! Or rather, bang! It was about as loud as a pistol shot, which was quite painful thanks to my big fluffy ears, but at least I wasn't blown to bits and burned to cinder by the bomb. Well, it wouldn't hurt that much anyway - being three quarters spirit has its advantages.

I'm not allowed to fly by my own power yet, but until those papers are processed (yes, there's still bureaucracy here, but it's not as bad as home) I can use a jet pack that the police had confiscated from the Sky Raiders. The police thought it was a good way of showing their appreciation. Apparently, there's a difference between using a machine to fly and using your own etherealness. The first requires just a permit from the police or a licence from the FAA, while the latter requires an investigation by the Superpowers Registration Authority. Weird.

Anyway, it was an exciting first day. I made some good friends, and we promised to join again to fight crime in this great city!

My love to Dad and Grandma.

- Kits


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