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How To Use And Understand Combat Attributes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mighty   
Friday, 22 February 2008

Visible Combat Attributes and "Real Numbers" were published to Issue 11 of City Of Heroes and City Of Villains on February 12th 2008, allowing players to view statistics and values that affect their characters in combat.

Confused by what it all means or even where to find them? The read on for a full guide on accessing the Combat Attributes and Attribute Monitor and what it all means.

Channel binds PDF Print E-mail
Written by Shadow Kitty   
Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Here are some nice binds for channels that you might find useful:

CTRL+B "chat_set b$$startchat"
CTRL+C "chat_set c$$startchat"
COMMA "show chat$$beginchat /tell $target, "
CTRL+E "chat_set the echelon"
CTRL+ENTER "beginchat /send "the echelon" [DH$level:$name] "
CTRL+L "chat_set l$$startchat"
CTRL+S "chat_set s$$startchat"
CTRL+T "chat_set t$$startchat"


The "I'm talking" afk ballon bind PDF Print E-mail
Written by Shadow Kitty   
Thursday, 12 April 2007

Use this bind to get the infamous "wait, I'm typing" AFK balloon over your head: 

/bind enter "startchat$$afk Message"

Substitute "Message" with your message, of course.


Rogues Radio


How "you" are Kindergarten type events?


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